There is no removable storage space such as a SD slot, etc. The pic function I can pass on but it may appeal to you. Offering you up to 16 hours of continuous playback, this iRiver digital media player lets you enjoy seamless music. After careful examination of both devices, I have found that the iRiver has little nuisances, that seem very trivial, but they build up the longer you have it. The color screen on the H10 is fine for what it is and photos look reasonably nice on it, but still

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You’ll find yourself reaching for buttons a lot. It’s a long stretch from the bottom of the strip all the way up to the Select button, and the buttons are flush on the front and not easy to feel.

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Ok I am old school frugal to some learned to others some features I just dont want or need viewing irjver album art wont find it on the I River H10 why are you going to sit there and mentally know who sang what on what album??

I use my H10 nearly every day for both business and pleasure. Hooking this player to an FM Transmitter, you notice a significant difference in sound when played over your car speakers.

The Bass and Efficient Bass presets both produced very good results with virtually no distortion. We wish iriver had incorporated the H’s highest-quality recording setting of Kbps, as well as voice activation and mic sensitivity adjustment.


Now, to the iRiver’s advantages. The various equalizers and personal equalizer settings you can establish with this player amaze me.

The device doesn’t include its own software or even drivers; everything is handled through WMP 10, for better or h01. We review products independentlybut we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this ifiver. The charger and the sync cable are on the same dongle 4: Again, unlike I’ve seen mentioned elsewhere, I had iruver problems whatsoever with bass distortion and as I said before, I crank the bass EQ all the way up.

Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. Compare the iriver H10 and the Apple iPod side by side in our comparison table More kriver music player reviews: Unfortunately, the 20GB model is just a chunky, bloated version of its little brother; it’s thicker and heavier than the current-generation 20GB iPod.

Rockbox iriver H10 20GB Daily Builds

The most amazing thing about this player is the sound quality. There is no removable storage space such as a SD slot, etc. It takes the iRiver about 2 minutes to start up. It’s big enough to hold without fear of it breaking I hate dainty little electronics.

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I love this recording feature, it’s the main reason I bought the player to be honest. It also is very durable, especially with the gel cover. I compared it to my sister’s iPod and I am sure no one would be j10 to notice a difference in sound or anything after the first day of use. This item doesn’t belong on this page.


In t to play songs you use the player controls on the right side of the H The H10’s overall frequency response with the included earbuds is mostly flat, with a very gentle rolloff in the bass once you go below Hz. The primary controller strip is similar to that of the Creative Zen Micro, but it offers better menu handling and utilizes a different technology that we think is more tactile than the Zen Micro’s.

Visit manufacturer site for details. In fact, at times, the device needed to be used two-handed.

If you are always short on cash like me, the iRiver does just fine in playing your songs. With the built-in timer, you can record radio programs at predetermined time in iRiver digital media player. Bandersnatch is here to cap a twisted If you are looking for iRiver specific products, or even off brand, it is going to cost you because of the lack of competitors fighting for your money, thus increasing the n10.

The audio quality is excellent and the touch strip works very well. A tad hefty but for those of us who have not become trendy or flashy you would want something to remind you that it is in a pocket or shirt.