Close it, and open your project. I guess I’m not computer literate enough to fill in the missing blanks. The only issue I have is not being able to connect via Ethernet. Many of the instructions advise that some text block or check block will appear. Note the file name of the demo you like. It does quite well as a DOS emulator for some of the old instruments I maintain. Using the browse option the Pane1.

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April 10th, I also put the program on a desk top machine. If needed, cancel and ignore complaint about missing Chinese font.

EB Software | EasyBuilder Programming software

The field that should show the decompile progress dispalys “-decompiling- -format error- ” nothing more. Weintek all-series HMI brochures are listed below.

ETA Tried it again just now. The only difference here should be the model number list. The other is fonts.


April 9th, I did get the project onto the thumb drive directly. Passwords have not been changed fromI’ll need to get that “new tool” ;- I’m sure it’s some little uusb of not entering something correctly. Right-click on a screen to see options.

Weintek EasyBuilder 8000 Software

February 22nd, I guess I’m not computer ebb8000 enough to fill in the missing blanks. It may have been programmed with a version later than the 4.

Weintek provides a variety of different functional demo projects for your reference. A good idea and one I had tried earlier without joy.

I’ve been looking for useful examples on the inter net, but nothing has really “caught my eye”, yet. Please download and read the detailed information of products. I’m Not there yet, but close! I don’t do well with the instruction manual language.

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The only issue I have is not being able to connect via Ethernet. Tried to decompile, ” format error” message! When I checked yesterday, I only saw V4.

Weintek provides extensive high-quality graphics to fulfill your need.


ev8000 Close it, and open your project. Was that the difference in appearance? Edit, Window Process, Window Copy On an entirely different note, I would like to create alternate action buttons that really stand out when active. Under “Tool”, use “Decompile” to convert xob to mtp. EB English Unicode version 8.

Of course there is no “help file” for the error messages that I have found in the EB software.

Model chart If you find something you like, there’s an easy way to put it directly into your project using Window Copy. If USB, you need to copy just one file from the directory. All times are GMT