Mon 26 Apr Try the latest patch http: You must re-compile xmms alsa plugin using the version of alsa-lib which match the version of alsa-driver. Tue 01 Jun Please check the volume of mixer in and mixer output value. I’ve tried your drivers on my freshly installed Windows with a Diamond MX and can report the following so far:

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Are these used as SB leagcy ports or Modem ports? You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. You need to fix those bug described in the patch http: Thu 10 Jun Thu 13 Votex So because they are the same driver model WDM i thought they will work.

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Board index All times are UTC. Have you try other application such as aplay, mplayer, gxine alsaplayer? Verbatim copying and distribution of this entire article is permitted in any medium, provided this notice is preserved.

Sun 04 Apr Could this be a problem with the card itself the connectors that I use to connect to the speaker. You need an audio cable if you want to listen CD music. I didn’t do that.


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aureaal You can also use speaker-test in alsa-util I hear no sound at all. Delete the following files, please go to C: All volume are muted by default at bootup, alsamixer allow you to change setting but it don’t save setting.

Google [Bot] and 1 guest. There is a known bug sound playing fast for au88x0 in alsa-driver Did you use default in device setting in XMMS?

Refer to the mailing list, Philipp can use the alsa-driver version of aureal driver on his asus notebook onboard au but also fail to use the alsa-kernel version of aureal driver The alsa-kernel version has experimental support for wavetable http: Tue 06 Apr You must recompile xmms using alsa-lib Set buffer time failed: Discussion about old sound cards, MIDI devices and sound related accessories.

It seem that the spdif setting at may be wrong, would any one who has SQ confirm about this? After Aureal’s release of A3D 2.


Win2k Ayreal with fixes Let me know if they work well for you, A3D should be fully working in this package and the control panel has some bugs so use the provided speaker change fixes to switch speaker modes.

Vodtex 17 Oct Meanwhile, here is the output of “lcpci -vn” for Class Tue 08 Jun Do you guys think that the will work in with no issues? There is one and only one au have coaxial spdif SQ I will apply those two patches and see.

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