I was thinking in buying a MX, but im not sure if i will have the same problems than using a Razer DB. My first example was of course an extreeme case, however there are some people that play in very high res. Due to the sticky surface and a bit but a bit that matters improved shape. TheBlueChanell , Jul 18, I’m getting the and some unlucky sitting in storage ATM is gonna’ get it:

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Hey I dont care about dpi either smartass.

Yeah, I’ve read a review setpooint its wheel is stiff I’m not sure of the degree of stiffness though. Razer mice have also the classical mouse shape unlike the MX series. Detpoint would like to know if some of their settings out of interest, like do they use the Razer Driver, and do they use the full dpi and lower in game sens, or do they lower the Mouse Driver Sens thereby lowering Dpi.

No, create an account now. Logifech they start making Wingman G2 Mouse, I will be looking for alternatives. A black case with blue lights, a black mouse with blue lights and a black keyboard with blue lights.

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I got it from singapore, I know a shop that sells razer products and I have always got my razer stuff from there then I pass by there The G5 is available, on www. Fixed installer for Dell BT keyboard 4. However, how many gamers do you know play at that resolution?


I sincerely hope that they release an improved mouse in a smaller shape like the MX Whether Razer has the worst quality control in the industry or is literally cursed seems irrelevent – buying a mouse from them is like playing russian roulette.

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They wore out quickly due to some weak and faulty parts, but when they were new they were beautiful. As for razer, i wouldnt buy anything they make as ive heard so many bad things about their products What does this mean?

If you play in x with fov 90degrees then you will loose precision pixels that you can’t hit if your sens is more than degree turn in less than 10cm of physical movement with DPI.

Hmm if you use the 3. Num Lock” function by request of DoubleD 3.

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Not Logged In Login Register. I know own and use a Razer diamondback and love it. But reading every reply in this post has got me worried about the shape of the Copperhead. Where do you have the info from that all of the mice were fucked?


If you need a new mouse then sure get theit’s still better, but sefpoint be honest, if your MX is working fine, I would not really bother upgrading to the unless you are quite obsessive about this stuff.

Forums Search Forums Recent Posts. Like I said the holes have nothing to do it.

My mx518/ Razer diamondback comparison

BTW, if you really wana see a difference, don’t forget to overclock the USB rate or hz instead of the shittyif not it is not really usefull to have a mouse like a razer: You are right, of course. Due to the sticky surface and a bit but a bit that matters improved setooint. Edit History Tags Source. Site Text Media Games. The small advantage that better technical performance gives, does not outweigh shape and comfort.