Used to a lot of research on top of it. The success rate of this new BIOS is unknown to me since it usually only gets applied to a laptop that just had the video card replaced. This was the subject of a class action lawsuit in the US, with Dell and Nvidia both jointly held liable if I recall correctly. Much I paid to be prime shipped i do believe overnight. Was your screen grey, then fade to black as windows booted?

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However, is only a preventative measure. September 2, at 5: When I rebooted, double fuzz…sigh. March 4, at 6: Now to see how long the fix lasts!!!!!!!! This class action lawsuit covers systems purchased in the United States only.

Beware! Dell D laptop with nVIDIA Quadro NVS M graphics card

What idiot did the mechanical design of the D? Luckily we had a three year warranty and dell fixed it free of charge. If ya cain’t fix it, ya gotta stand it. You can see photos and quardo write up over on my blog, so click on my name for the url if you are interested in seeing what I did. Let it cool naturally and put the whole lot back quadgo. Then a blue screen flashed, said hardware failure contact hardware manufacturer. Everytime the card fails when I touch teh bottom of the laptop it is too hot to touch.


I tried two methods, but now im even more confused as to whats going on. December 14, at 4: I took apart my whole laptop, baked in the oven as described above and it actually worked!!!!!!!

I will turn around now and sell it before it goes bad. If ya cain’t stand it Another good thing about this D notebook is its COM port. July 30, at 2: I have a D where the screen appears grey, then goes completely to black after it boots.

It has failed 3 times now. April 29, at 6: Judging from the other posts this seems to be a known problem. After the self-test, it booted perfectly into the Vista logon screen.

Dell D630 GPU Thermal Pad Copper Shim NVIDIA QUADRO 135m Overheating Fix

The video processor typically gets toasted first. Yup – here it is: Latitude D with burned out video card. Used to a lot of research on top of it.

April 22, at 5: My wife cried when I pulled her laptop apart, and thought I was insane when I baked the mobo in the oven. My D works fine ever since. Dell refuse to help due to ownership transfer. What Dell is doing!!! If your video card is not deell out, you may try this.